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Photobucket1) Met Jeremy Renner on Monday and oh. my. god. but it was amazing. A friend of a co-worker had learned when and where the NYC premiere of The Bourne Legacy would be and asked my co-worker to go with her for moral support or whatever, so when I found out, I of course had to invite myself along. Really didn't think we'd get to see much, but we got there while they were still setting up, so I got to snatch some pics of the red carpet, which in and of itself was pretty cool. Later we had to move across the street, but that turned out to be a good thing, because when he arrived, before he walked the red carpet, Renner walked the line of fans and signed for everyone. People were *freaking* out and trying to surge toward him, which actually just made me feel calmer, and when he got to me he took my magazine and said hi and smiled before he signed it. Yep, it's true: We had a moment. It was epic. ;) Friends and I grinned like fools for the rest of the night, suffice to say.

2) Dragon*Con 2012 is a go! It *shouldn't* be, mind you, because I *should* be going home for Thanksgiving (luckily my roommates and I plan to band together for another orphan holiday) and I *should* be spending my money more wisely in this the most expensive city in the US, but I am weak, so. I'm there! Still working out all the details, but I have a plane ticket and a room thanks to Kiki's foresight, so everything else should be gravy.

3) Further proof that The Avengers continues to ruin my life: I've been making my way through Renner's and Scarlett Johansson's filmographies, and I made my roommates watch Neo Ned the other night (they're such good sports). It says something about...something...that I can still find Renner so ridiculously attractive in that movie. The man is way too charming for his own good. b) Fandom's love affair with Hawkeye's deafness has swept me off my feet too; I now own a book on sign language.
So...apparently I co-wrote a fic? Yeah, I'm still in shock too. I have no idea how this happened, really. Had an idea while walking home after seeing The Avengers the first time (we, uh, won't go into how many times I've seen it altogether now--it's research!) and had this sudden urge to play with the oh-so-inriguing C/N Budapest banter and memories and Claira's fantastic "Stupid Thing Last Night," and well, the concept for this was born. Somehow Bee read my mind and helped me plot this baby out (doing most of the heavy lifting, I must point out--I had the easy job) and then we just ran with it (or rather, I ran with it, and Bee brought everything together again, and gorgeously, imo). Anyway. Long story short: This is a fic post! Hope a few people enjoy reading this story half as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Title: War Stories (a.k.a. Stupid Thing in Budapest)
Pairing/Characters: Clint/Natasha + bonus team!shawarma (post-movie)
Authors: thrace_adama and workerbee73
Word Count: ~3000
Rating: R-ish
A/N 1: The subtitle to this story is an homage to a very favorite fic of ours from BSG fandom, "Stupid Thing Last Night" by stars_like_dust. Consider this our (much inferior) Avengers version (bonus points to anyone who spots the STLN easter egg).
A/N 2: Bee here--I also want to give a major shoutout to my co-author, who came up with the most amazing material and some of the best one-liners I’ve ever seen. It was so unbelievably fun to write this with you; please say we can do it again soon! :D
And Heather here--To Bee, without whom this little story would never have come so far: Thank you. And thanks, too, for dragging me into Clint/Natasha land! It's been a blast so far; can't wait to see what's next.

What happens in Budapest doesn’t always stay in Budapest.

Read the fic over at be_compromised: To his mind Budapest was victory drinks and cool hotel sheets and Natasha, in that order....

"tell me what you want me to say"

In case you haven't heard, my friends, workerbee73 has pulled me down into the rabbit hole that is The Avengers fandom, and, more specifically, the Hawkeye/Black Widow aka Clint/Natasha ship of doooooom.

At first we said it would be a fling, no more. And then we realized we might have some actual ~feelings~ about these guys. And now... Well, suffice to say we're shipping it pretty damn hard.

Really, though, who could blame us? I mean, this is what we're up against:

The gif that really did me in + more...Collapse )

So. Yeah. Suffice to say, The Avengers has eaten my brain this week, even preventing me from being as excited as I normally would be about the release of awesome books like Kristin Cashore's Bitterblue (which I have already read and gushed about at work) and Veronica Roth's Insurgent (which I got signed yesterday and am devouring as time and Bee Natasha/Clint permit me). 

The worst part? I REGRET NOTHING.

Hope y'all are having a good week and haven't completely WRECKED YOURSELVES like we have. :) (Though if you have, please: JOIN US.)

Hello, f'list! (Er, if I still have a f'list, which...I wouldn't blame you all a whit for dropping me; "long time, no see" is a massive understatement.) Remember me?

I've been meaning to write this post for, oh, over a year now. First, I was going to tell you all that I got a new job. And then that I would be moving to New York City. And then that I HAD moved to NYC in the space of about a week. And then that I was loving both the job and the city. Then there just seemed to be SO MUCH to say that I didn't even know where to start.

More RL blah blah...Collapse )

On to fannish blah blah!Collapse )

So. There you have it. I am alive and still as long-winded as ever. How are you, dear friends? I have been checking my friends list this whole time but know I've missed a lot just the same. Please do tell me what's up with you!

P.S. Wow, LJ's rich text editor is a zillion times better than it used to be, huh? Not that that's saying much, but still: Nice.

bear mccreary, how i love thee.

How did I never hear about the EPIC song that is Bear McCreary's "Apocalypse," you guys?! (I know, I know, it's my own fault for not being able to stomach even the idea of watching The Plan--which, sidenote, most ridiculous and deceptive title *ever*--but STILL.) There is even "So say we all" chanting at the beginning in the live version. <33333

I feel like I need to go download the rest of the soundtrack and also the Caprica one. Since all his music is on iTunes now, which I also didn't know! *is truly ashamed*

Dear Bear McCreary, I'm sorry I let my RDM rage distract me from your brilliance for so long. Love, me

Happy birthday, Eugie!!!!

Dear Euge,

So sorry I'm sliding in under the wire, but it is still November 24th here! :D Just wanted to say that I hope you had a great day overall (I know it can be hard when it hits you, but I have to believe our best years are still ahead of us!) and that I'm wishing you all the best for the year ahead. I <3 you! *hugs*

happy birthday, cosette!

Hope you had a splendid day, Sonia. *hugs* Here's wishing you a great year to come (with a way better job!). <3333333

pilots attack!

Hey, guys! I'm suffering from an acute pilots attack tonight (always)--advice on how to alleviate some of the symptoms? Fic or vid recs, maybe? Sometimes I feel like I've seen it all (over and over again b/c that's my thing) so anything off the beaten track would be especially great.

Better yet, anyone working on any fic, art, or other projects of a piloty nature that you feel like sharing a bit about and that I, it's all about me we can look forward to? I already know I need me some more Ice!Pilots, "First Impressions," "The Irreplaceability of Things Lost," camping pilots, etc., etc., bit I'm suddenly just desperate for all the new K/L I can get. MOAR, I say! (I know, I should write some my damn self, but...well, let's just say you don't want to see that. Seriously.)

Maybe this is due to all the Finnick/Johanna and Johanna/Gale (The Hunger Games) I've been reading in the last couple days; aspects of both pairings (no, I still don't believe in multi-shipping for myself and I would never suggest that Finnick didn't completely love Annie, etc.--it's complicated, this personal canon of mine, lol--I ship them at different periods in these peoples' lives) remind me a lot of Kara/Lee (yes, it always comes back to them), which I blame on Tara. And electrumqueen. So. Good.

But my Mockingjay post is another one altogether (no, you did not miss anything when I did not mention reading anything to do with Katniss) and, since it will probably get awfully ragey at parts, will most likely have to wait till my pulse/bp is back to normal! So. Yeah. I get really off-track sometimes. Piloty goodness, anyone out there? Thanks a million in advance.

"i swim. i swim for survival, not for fun."

I've been meaning to do this for a while now, so here it is: my TV schedule! (Why yes, I'm the girl with two TiVos in her two-room apartment.)

How I Met Your Mother
Hawaii Five-0*
Lone Star
The Event*
Mike & Molly*

Life Unexpected (LUx)
The Good Wife
No Ordinary Family*
Raising Hope*
Running Wilde*


The Vampire Diaries
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
The Office

Blue Bloods*

* denotes pilots I've decided to watch and not necessarily shows I'm gonna stick with
** gotta catch up on DVD before I watch

Coming later in fall/spring 2011:
Friday Night Lights
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Being Human


Happy birthday, workerbee73 and somewhereapart!!!! I hope you both have had and continue to have lovely days. <3333