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BRANDON ROUTH IS GOING TO D*C!!! I know I am probably one of the very few people in the universe who feels the same way, but I actually really enjoyed Superman Returns and thought he was very good in it (and, okay, very very pretty!). Kate Bosworth as Lois, not so much, but Brandon Routh was great, imo, especially considering how much Bryan Singer wanted him to, like, *become* Christopher Reeve. Anyway, so I thought I'd share this news.

Anyone with me on this? Anyone at all?

(Also, so sorry I've been such an awful LJ friend lately! Life has been busy busy and will only be getting more so in the next month, so I apologize in advance. I will make up for it or at least try, I swear! Love you all.)


Update from Florida

Euge and Heather here! After finally getting to Sarasota
20 or so hours after Euge's journey from Hartford began, we saw some sights and, most importantly, watched us some pilots. Any suggestion piloty goodness we should watch? :)

The important thing to take from this post, though, is that Eugie made it here, yay! And the pilots-watching, obviously.

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Reminder: the rewatch is TONIGHT!

Posting this from dinner... Don't forget to join us for the UBEX rewatch at 10 pm EDT!

Reminder: the UBEX rewatch is TONIGHT!!!

Hey, shippers! Just a quick reminder that the UBEX rewatch is tonight at 10 pm EDT. (And then the encore is tomorrow night!)

You know you wanna squee with us, so be there!
For pilotsbigbang

Title: they don't write songs about the ones that come easy: a kara/lee fanmix
Author/Artist/Mixer/Vidder: thrace_adama
Rating: n/a
Spoilers: all seasons
Warning(s): none
Summary: Kara and Lee's journey to EPICness
Author's Notes: (if applicable): see introduction

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Reminder: the rewatch is tonight!

Hi, shippers! Just a quick reminder that tonight at 10pm we'll be watching Torn. Which has an actual pilots scene! Not a happy one, but it's progress.
Hi, friends. indigo419 posted the message below on her own LJ the other day, but I thought I'd quote her on mine in case I can help this reach a potential match, or even someone just interested in learning more about the bone marrow registry. Thanks in advance for reading.

Boosting the signal on this request. If you are or know someone of South Asian or mixed parentage, please consider joining the database, and forwarding this out. Also please consider reposting this on your LJ, or linking back to this entry. They only have 11 weeks to find a match.

I do not know this little boy, but he goes to a school in our neighborhood. The original request came via a fellow mom whose son goes to the same school. They just did a drive on the playground this weekend - this is really real, folks. It just shatters me that this little boy is having such a hard time finding a match. I guess this is the flip side of diversity - that it's tricky to match a bouillabaise of genetic material, like my kids have.

I just got my kit today and am mailing it out. It's super-easy - they mail you some swabs, you swipe the inside of your cheek and you mail it back.

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can football season start now please?

You guys! TIM TEBOW WENT IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE NFL DRAFT! TO DENVER! AS A QB! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I think I may very well finally become a fan of pro football as well as college (or more accurately, SEC) football. ;) But anyway: yaaaaay Timmy!

That is all. :DDDDD
In discussing during the Black Market rewatch afterparty which episodes of Season 4 I personally would be willing to rewatch at this point (almost a year later and the rage is still fierce with this one, in case you didn't know, and grudges are still being held!), I remembered this tidbit I'd read thanks to a friend that made "Sometimes a Great Notion" a little more bearable. At least back in the day, when we thought this meant only good things for Kara/Lee in the long run despite the fact that it, uh, got cut.

Anyway, I'll stop my blabbing and get to the point: below is the original draft of the Kara/Lee scene in that episode, the one in which Kara comes to tell Lee about what she found on not!Earth and instead asks Lee what's wrong with HIM and learns of Dee's death. Though short (and so cheesily written zomg--you might need to prepare yourselves for that), the whole scene--and particularly that last paragraph--would have been pretty amazing to see Katee and Jamie bring to life, imo.

Thanks to arielmoondance for being cool with my posting this, and to the little birdie who sent her to her in the first place.

BSG Episode 413, Scene 55 (original draft)Collapse )

So what do you think, friends? Love it? Hate it? Just feel depressed that we never got to see such an important moment between Kara and Lee on-screen? That RDM was obviously already planning to screw us over? Er, maybe I'll just shut up now, before the rage takes over. ;P

Seriously, though, I'd love to hear your reactions to this, even if you've already seen it, as I know several of you probably have. Me, I'm simply glad to know it exists. Because I see it as yet another example of how much Kara and Lee had grown since the miniseries, and how damn CLOSE they were to finally being in a place that they could've made an honest-to-gods relationship work, and work beautifully. IT WASN'T ALL IN OUR HEADS! And obviously the other writers hadn't yet gotten RDM's "Starbuck and Apollo are DOOOOOMED" memo either! So it's like vindication in my mind. :D

what if this is it? the rest of your life?

WOW. How STUNNING was that ice dancing performance by Team Canada's Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue?! Hot damn! That was absolutely beautiful, and will undoubtedly earn them the gold medal. They're just a gorgeous pair. Really well matched. Loved Team USA's Meryl Davis and Charlie White's routine as well (Phantom of Opera theme was fantastic, as was their energy), and also the one by Great Britain's brother-sister team (loved that she lifted HIM!), and yet: Go Canada!

ETA: And they got it! Excellent.